The Community Agriculture Development Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington.

The mission of the Community Ag Center (locally known as CADC) is to promote and support the production, processing, distribution, and marketing of locally grown agricultural products.

The Community Ag board is composed of farmers, WSU Extension faculty, local business owners, and citizens who share a desire to improve our food chain.

“Farmers and local communities hoping to take back some of the food economy from distant multinationals will need to provide more of the processing, packaging, and marketing services that have moved off the farm and out of sight.”  (Eat Here, p. 110)


2015 CADC Board of Directors
  •     Jim Noetzelman, President (Bramble Rock Farm)
  •     Nils Johnson, Vice President (Sweet Meadows Ranch/Chewelah Farmers Market)
  •     Debra Hansen, Secretary (Stevens County WSU Extension)
  •     Lisa Kowitz, Treasurer (Kowitz Family Farms)
  •     Dee Acheson (Front Porch Farm)
  •     Andrew Engell (Simple Gifts Farm)
  •     Gloria Flora (TerraFlora Sylvanculture)
  •     Joe Petrucelli (Meyers Falls Market/Lakeview Organics)
  •     Stephen Schott (beekeeper)
  •     Kristen Six (Lovitt Restaurant)
  •     Pete Thompson (Burnt Valley Farm)

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Adele Noetzelman, Communications/Admin