The CADC owns two local processing units: a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) -approved large animal unit and a WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture) -approved mobile poultry/rabbit processing unit.

Both units are very busy during prime livestock processing periods of summer and fall. Schedule your livestock processing ahead of time to avoid conflicts.

  • At our stationery large animal USDA-approved slaughter unit in Chewelah, S&K Meats slaughters beef, pork, lamb, and goats. Washington State law requires USDA-approved slaughter in order to sell meat by the cut or package. For carcass custom sales, USDA is not involved and on-farm slaughter is an acceptable and normal practice. Sale of live animals does not require approval. To schedule a slaughter date with S&K Meats, call Shane Nelson at 509-675-6071.
  • As a local producer you can haul our WSDA-approved mobile poultry processing unit (MPPU) to your farm to process and package your poultry or rabbits for your own use or for sale. Washington State law requires WSDA-approved processing in order to sell whole or cut up processed poultry or rabbits. Sale of live animals does not require WSDA approval. Training is required prior to use of the mobile unit for personal or commercial use. Click here to see our guidelines for use of the unit. For info about mobile unit usage, training session dates, and reservations, contact Pete Thompson at 509-935-8141 or