The construction of the livestock slaughter unit was funded through a grant from USDA-Rural Development.

The purpose of this project was to provide livestock slaughter capabilities under Federal USDA inspection to open new markets for small and mid-sized farmers/ranchers in Northeast Washington.

The Community Ag Center has contracted with S & K Processing of Chewelah to operate the livestock slaughter unit. S & K Processing has met USDA requirements for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) training and was responsible for developing the HACCP plan for the unit.

The project benefits from the facilities provided at Smokey Ridge Meats, including potable water, waste management, and animal receiving and handling facilities.

Any producer can arrange to have beef, pork, lamb, or goat slaughtered in the mobile unit. The capacity of the unit is fairly small and potential users should allow plenty of lead time for scheduling. The main advantage of having animals slaughtered under Federal inspection is the option to sell product under any marketing option by the piece or in larger packages. See this info sheet for more details. Meat from animals slaughtered in this unit is currently sold in Stevens County and throughout the State of Washington.

In order to be sold as USDA inspected meat, following slaughter in this unit the meat must also be processed in a USDA-inspected cut and wrap facility. Smokey Ridge Meats, owned by local farmers Brent and Kira Olsen, is under Federal USDA inspection and is conveniently located next to the CADC slaughter unit.

To arrange to have your animal slaughtered by S&K Processing, contact Shane Nelson at 509-675-6071.