Farm Risks
For most small scale farmers and ranchers, the future lies in the direct marketing of their products. This means reducing the number of steps from producer to consumer.
Traditionally, there are many players in the distribution and marketing of food products so that the liability for harm is pretty much removed from the producer.
The marketer, processor, distributor, and retailer are all parts of an extended food chain that disperses the locus for liability for harm to the consumer.
Direct marketing changes this picture. Now the responsibility for harm comes back directly to the farmer/rancher who is the producer, marketer, processor and distributor. The buffer for liability has now evaporated.

What will I learn from this publication?

These materials provide a framework for understanding and analyzing potential liability risks including premise and product liability and obligations with respect to employment and labor.
Included are checklists that help to identify and reduce the possibility of harm to consumers. Additionally, the publication includes Information on the insurance industry and a list of questions that farmers/ranchers should consider as they negotiate with  agents/brokers on farm policies. Various elements of a farm liability policy are included as well as how to read a policy to determine what and what isn’t included in your policy.
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